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... a resource for soapmakers globally with a focal spotlight on aussie groups, suppliers etc.

Soap Stack of Handmade Soap by Lisa WB Soapmaking can be a bit of an isolated past-time. Though there are so many soapmakers around they seem to be spread far & wide which, in Australia, is especially true! Resources seem so hard to find for the new & experienced soapmaker. But it doesn't need to be.

Cluster of Handmade Soap by Lisa WB, decoratively displayed in a fall/autumn garden is all about sharing this craft we are so passionate about with like-minded others. Soapmakers tend to be a chatty, helpful bunch & this is a place where they can indulge this habit with other soapers to their heart's content!

Click on the links to the left to read articles, tips & tricks, plus we have recipes & soap calculators to help with soap & cosmetic making. We have marketing ideas, legislative links (yep, soap is a cosmetic in Australia) & more to help your budding business. Do you have a question? We even have a help area! Plus we have links to suppliers (worldwide & locally in Oz), other soapmakers, email chat groups & more!

Collage of handmade soaps by Lisa WB

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