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Aussie Soap Supplies - suppliers to all (big and small) of all the ingredients you need to make and package your own soaps and cosmetics, specialists in colours and moulds. Home also to Yggdrasil's Soaps, quality vegetarian/vegan friendly soaps and cosmetics.

Escentials of Australia - suppliers of raw ingredients for soap and cosmetic makers, specialising in essential oils and cosmetic raw ingredients such as clays and butters etc.

Heirloom Body Care - supplier of soap and lotion making ingredients.

Nizzy - the home of soap frosting and the very user friendly divider mould box and soap planer!

The Aromatic Outback - luxury soap and skincare. Handmade by us ... for you. Lisa WB's online soap shop.

Wildberry Creations - makers of soaps, bath and beauty products and candles.

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