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Oil Properties

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Almond Sweet - prunis dulcis
A popular carrier it is light textured and has little odour. As it does not absorb too quickly it is ideal for massage oils. High in vitamin D.
Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 8-28%, Oleic acid 64-82%, Palmitic acid 6-8%, Iodine value 93-106.

Apricot Kernel - prunis armeniaca
Lightly textured and scented it easily penetrates the skin without leaving a greasy residue. Rich in essential fatty acids: oleic and linoleic. Good for dry and mature skins.
Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 20-34%, Oleic acid 58-74%, Palmitic acid 4-7%, Iodine value 92-108.
Avocado CP unbleached - persea americana
A rich green oil high in essential fatty acids including beta-carotine and Vitamin E. Loaded with wonderful skin nutrients it is particularly ideal for dry and mature skins. Also good for hair (dry or damaged, as well as fine baby hair).
Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 6-18%, Oleic acid 36-80%, Palmitic acid 7-32%, Stearic Acid 1.5%, Iodine value 80-95.
Borage - borage officinalis
A potent concentration of gamma-linoleic acid (approx 20% GLA) which helps to prevent loss of skin elasticity (including through dehydration), as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines.
Fatty Acids: Gamma Linolenic acid 22.3%, Linoleic acid 37.2%, Oleic acid 16.7%, Palmitic acid 10%.
Camelia - camelia drupifera
High in linoleic, linolenic, and oleic fatty acids, this is a light easily absorbed oil which is suitable for use in facial products. Also good for hand and nail products. Ideal for dry or sun damaged skin and hair.
Fatty Acids: Oleic acid 80%, Linoleic acid 9%, Palmitic acid 9%, Stearic acid 1%
Carrot Seed - daucus carota
High in vitamins A, C, B1 and B2. Aids removal of toxins and excess water from the skin resulting in a firmer appearance. Strong odour and colour.
Castor Oil - ricinus communis
A thick oil which is a useful emollient in creams and balms. Adds fluffy lather when used in handmade soap.
Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 3-4%, Oleic acid 3-4%, Ricinoleic acid 90%, Iodine value 82-90.
Cocoa Butter - theobroma cacao
Is a great addition to creams and balms. Helps to soften the skin and is useful in preventing stretch marks.
Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 3%, Oleic acid 34-36%, Palmitic acid 25-30%, Stearic acid 31-35%, Iodine value 33-42.
Coconut Extra Virgin CP - cocos nucifera
A light oil which is a great moisturiser on its own as it is readily absorbed and does not leave a greasy residue. Has a fabulous coconut aroma. Is great in creams, lotions and balms.
Fatty Acids: Lauric acid 39-54%, Linoleic acid 1-2%, Oleic acid 4-11%, Palmitic acid 6-11%, Stearic acid 1-4%, Iodine value 10.
Coconut RBD (refined/bleached/deodorised) - cocos nucifera
A highly popular oil for soapmaking. Adds hardness and fluffy lather to handmade soaps. Also a great oil to use in liquid soapmaking for fabulous lather and cleansing properties.
Corn - zea mays
Rich is essential fatty acids, it helps to keep the epidermis hydrated. Ideal for hair and skin products aimed at those which are dry, mature or damaged.
Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 45-56%, Oleic acid 18%, Palmitic acid 13%, Stearic acid 13%, Iodine value 80.
Evening Primrose Oil 9% GLA - oenothera biennis
High in gamma-linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid which helps to repair sun damaged and dehydrated skin. Good for all skin types, particularly mature skin. Helps prevent loss of skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines.
Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 65-80%, Gamma Linolenic acid 8-14%, Oleic acid 6-11%, Palmitic acid 7%, Stearic acid 2%.
Grapeseed Bleached - vitis vinifera
Very fine texture and with virtually no odour it makes for an ideal base oil. Light green colour.
Fatty Acids: Contains some traces of vitamin E. Linoleic acid 58-78%, Oleic acid 12-28%, Palmitic acid 5-11%, Stearic acid 3-6%, Iodine value 125-142.
Grapeseed - vitis vinifera
High in essential fatty acids, particularly vitamin E. Sludgy appearance. Odourous.
Hazelnut - corylus avellana
Very light in texture, mildly scented. Ideal for oily skin.
Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 7-11%, Oleic acid 65-85%, Palmitic acid 4-6%, Stearic acid 1-4%, Iodine value 90-103.
Hempseed - cannabis sativa
Rapidly penetrates the skin. It is high in essential fatty acids and a great skin moisturiser.
Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 57%, Oleic acid 12%, Palmitic acid 6%, Stearic acid 2%, Iodine value 166.5.
Jojoba - simmondsia chinensis
A liquid wax rather than an oil, so the shelf life is extensive. Odourless. Ideal carrier for your precious essential oils. Great skin and hair conditioner.
Fatty Acids: Oleic acid 10-13%, Iodine value 80-85.
Kukui Nut - aleurite moluccana
An exceptionally light oil it is nongreasy and suitable for all skin types. Aids regeneration of skin, particularly sun exposed. Distinct odour.
Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 42%, Oleic acid 20%, Palmitic acid 6%, Iodine value 155-175.
Macadamia - macadamia integrifolia
Highly compatible with all skin types from the very young to the very old. A light oil which is suitable for all cosmetic products and is also great for use in soapmaking. Yellow colour. Light nutty odour.
Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 1-3%, Oleic acid 54-63%, Palmitic acid 7-10%, Stearic acid 2-6%, Iodine value 73-79.
Mango Nut Butter
Suitable for soapmakng and cosmetics. A good moisturiser and skin lubricant (good for glide in creams and balms). A solid butter it melts in contact with the skin.
Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 1-13%, Oleic acid 34-56%, Palmitic acid 3-18%, Stearic acid 26-57%, Iodine value 55-65.
Olive Extra Virgin - olea europaea
Extra Virgin and Virgin olive oils are rich in healing chlorophyll, vitamins A and E and other essential fatty acids. A heavy textured oil which keeps for a long time without refrigeration.
Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 5-15%, Oleic acid 63-81%, Palmitic acid 7-14%, Stearic acid 3-5%, Iodine value 79-95.
Palm Oil - elaeis guinensis
A great oil for soapmaking (bar soap only). A white oil it doesn t alter colours when added to soap. Makes for a hard, longer lasting bar.
Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 9-11%, Oleic acid 38-40%, Palmitic acid 43-45%, Stearic acid 4-5%, Iodine value 45-57.
Peach Kernel - prunus persica
A delicate oil with low odour it is ideal for facial preparations, penetrates quickly.
Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 15-35%, Oleic acid 55-75%, Palmitic acid 5-8%, Iodine value 108-118.
Rosehip - rosa rubiginosa
High in gamma-linoleic acid, this oil is well known for its skin regenerative properties and is often used for scars, burns, stretch marks. Good for mature or sun affected skin.
Sesame CP - sesamum indicum
Used widely in Ayurvedic medicine as a natural preservative and sun protector. Strong odour.
Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 39-47%, Oleic acid 37-42%, Palmitic acid 8-11%, Iodine value 105-115.
Shea Nut Butter - butyrospermum parkii
Renowned for its skin softening and moisture retaining ability, this is an ideal butter for creams, lotions and balms.
Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 3-8%, Oleic acid 40-55%, Palmitic acid 3-7%, Stearic acid 35-45%, Iodine value 55-71.
Soya Bean CP - glycine max
Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 46-53%, Oleic acid 21-27%, Palmitic acid 9-12%, Stearic acid 4-6%, Iodine value 124-132.
Sunflower CP - helianthus annus
All purpose carrier oil. Contains essential fatty acids and a high level of vitamin E. Slight odour.
Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 70%, Oleic acid 16%, Palmitic acid 7%, Stearic acid 4%, Iodine value 119-138.
Wheatgerm CP - triticum vulgare
High in vitamin A and E, this is a very thick, yellow oil. Great in skin preparations and assists longevity in oil based preparations due to its anti oxidant properties.
Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 55-60%, Oleic acid 13-21%, Palmitic acid 13-20%, Stearic acid 2%, Iodine value 125-135.

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