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Essential Oil Properties

Copyright of Lisa Wood-Bradley

Aniseed China Star - illicium verum
Top to middle note. Licorcie scent, warm and sweet.

Aniseed Myrtle - backhousia anisata
Smokey aniseed aroma.
Basil - ocimum basilicum
Top note. Sweet, spicy and warm.
Bay - pimenta racemosa
Strong, spicy and pungent aroma.
Benzoin Sumatra - styrax benzoin
Sweet, warm and vanilla-like aroma.
Bergamot - citrus bergamia
Top note. Fresh citrus scent, sweet with slightly spicy, floral undertones.
Cardamon - elettaria cardomomum
Top note. Fresh, sweet and spicy. Strong.
Carrot Seed - daucus carota
Middle note. Strong carrot like aroma.
Cedarwood - juniperus atlantica/cedarus deodara
Middle note. Sweet, warm, woody aroma with a hint of floral.
Chamomile - matricaria chamomilia/anthemis nobilis/ormemis multicaulis
Middle note. Sweet, fresh, herbaceous and fruity.
Cinnamon - cinnamomum ceylanicum
Base note. Sweet, spicy hot and warm.
Citronella - cymbopogon nardus/cymbopogon winteranius
Top note. Herbaceous with a fruity citrus undertone.
Clary Sage - salvia sclarea
Base note. Herbaceous with peppery/wine like tones.
Clove Bud - syzygium aromaticum
Base note. Spicy, sweet, hot aroma with a slight fruitiness.
Cypress - cypressus sempervirens
Middle to base note. Fresh, woody and pine-like with a hint of smokyness.
Eucalyptus - radiata Australia
Top note. Pungent, sharp and camphor-like.
Fennel Sweet - foeniculum vulgare dulce
Top to middle note. Sweet, warm, herbaceous and very licorice-like.
Frankincense - boswelia carterii
Middle to base note. Soft, balsamic, heady and warm aroma.
Geranium African - pelargonium graveolens
Middle note. Herblike rose, sweet, citrus undertone and a hint of wood.
Ginger - zingiber officinale
Top note. Peppery, sharp, pungent, warm with a hint of camphor or lemon.
Grapefruit White - citrus paradisi
Top note. Warm, sweet, fresh, citrus.
Helichrysum - helichrysum italicum
Middle to base note. Spicy, sweet, almost fruity.
Hyssop - hyssopus officinalis
Middle note. Woody, earthy, sweet and warm.
Juniper Berry - juniperus communis
Middle note. Lively, fruity, woody, peppery and herbaceous.
Lavender - lavendula augustifolia
Top to middle note. Fresh, floral, light, and sweet.
Lemon - citrus limonum
Top note. Fresh citrus aroma, clean, sweet and sugary.
Lemon Eucalyptus - eucalyptus citriodora
Top note. Pungent, sharp, citrus aroma with a hint of camphor.
Lemon Myrtle - backhousia citriodora
Top note. Very strong lemon citrus scent, effervescent.
Lemongrass Cochin - cymbopogon flexuosus
Top note. Citrus, herbaceous and smoky.
Lime - citrus aurantifolia
Top note. Fresh, mellow citrus aroma, sweet and sugary.
Mandarin - citrus madurensis
Top note. Warm, light citrus aroma with floral overtones.
Marjoram - thymus mastichina
Sweet, herblike, sharp and spicy scent with a hint of camphor.
May Chang - litsea cubeba
Top note. Warm citrus aroma, fruity with a light floral undertone.
Melissa - melissa officinalis
Top note. Soft and distinctly lemon like aroma.
Myrrh - commifora myrrha
Base note. Warm, smoky and earthy.
Neroli - citrus aurantium
Middle note. Floral, spicy, sweet with highly radiant aroma.
Niaouli - melaleuca quinquenerva
Middle note. Sweet, fresh camphor-like odour.
Oakmoss Absolute - evernia prunastri
Base note. Woody, herbaceous, tobacco-like undertone.
Orange Sweet - citrus sinensis
Top note. Fresh, fruity, tangy and sweet.
Palmarosa - cymbopogon martini motia
Top note. Sweet, rosy, floral and herbaceous.
Patchouli - pogostemon cablin
Base note. Earthy, musty, penetrating and very strong.
Pepper - piper nigrum India
Middle note. Pungent, spicy, warm, peppery aroma.
Peppermint - mentha piperita
Top note. Minty fresh, slightly camphor-like, sugary.
Petitgrain - petitgrain bigarade
Top note. Floral aroma, revitalizing with a hint of orange.
Rose Damask Absolute - rosa damascena
Top note. Intense, fruity and floral.
Rosemary - rosemarinus officinalis
Middle note. Fresh, powerful, sharp, herbaceous with a camphor like tone.
Rosewood - aniba rosaeodora
Middle note. Sweet, woody with rose undertones.
Sandalwood - santalum spicatum/santalum album Agmark/amyris balsamifera
Base note. Warm, rich, sweet, woody.
Spearmint - mentha spicta
Top note. Minty, cool, sugary, fresh.
Tangerine - citrus reticulata
Top note. Sweet, sparkling fresh citrus aroma.
Tea Tree - malaleuca alternifolia
Top note. Sharp, spicy, warm with medicinal tones.
Tea Tree Lemon - leptospermum petersonii
Top note. Sharp, spicy, with medicinal and citrus tones.
Vanilla - vanilla planifolia
Base note. Sweet, honey-like, warm, distinctive aroma.
Vetivert - vetiveria zizanoides stapf.
Base note. Earthy, soft, woody with a hint of musty-ness.
Ylang Ylang - cananga odorata
Middle to base note. Sweet, floral, tropical, slightly spicy, strong.

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